Sunday, November 08, 2009

Furlough Friday

The girls and I enjoyed our Furlough Friday.

First stop was picking up our Roller Derby Tickets from Lora. Always running late by way of Starbucks. It was time for a treat, so we stopped by the local cafe for some hot coco, ice water, ice tea and cookies....
We hunted leaves and chased Chickens at Fair Oaks Park. Peyton chased the Roosters and Chickens around throwing crackers and apples to them. At one point she was surrounded by our feathery friends. Sydney kept them at bay with her wand/sword full of bubbles. We played tag on the play structure, raced down the slides, triumphed at the rock wall and swang to reach the sky.

I scanned my picture memory card and I have 28 pictures that I feel are must posts.... How will I ever get them into one post.....

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