Friday, October 09, 2009

Bishops Farm

So I got really behind on my blogging. I have four posts to finish before this one loads... never gonna happen.

Ben and I loaded up Sydney and Peyton and drove through Lincoln to our Favorite Pumpkin Patch near Wheatland. The ride there was filled with sad faces, crying and tears... They were Peyton's. She didn't feel she was getting enough time to hear her songs. Usually we have to deal with cranky Sydney dictating what songs or CD's we listen to.

Usually it's Taylor Swift 'Fearless' songs 1, 3, 4 or 6... but this week it's Danity Kane 'Show Stoppa' and Peyton loves any song that isn't that... therefore she thinks she should get to hear her songs more. Through the tears we made it.

The place was packed at 945. We parked further out that we normally park during the weekend trip. Since we were first to arrive of the bunch, we walked around the newly updated farm, and I took a couple pictures of the girls and pumpkins. I might even be in a few pictures this year. We got apple pumpkin muffins and cinnomon rolls. Tastey treats.

Sydney and Peyton played on the slides until Dominic, Donovan and Devin showed up... oh and Tia and Tio, Grandma and Grandpa Gertie.. minus Gertie the dog. We had quite the spread (picnic) Sandwiches galore, deviled eggs, olives, pasta salad, chips, pineapple, soda's, H20 and candy...

I don't think I got any pictures of the train.... but we took a train ride around the entire farm. Tio (Uncle Rudy) rode in the cattle car with Dominic, Donovan, Sydney and Peyton. Tia rode with Devin, me and Ben in one of the open cars, and the Gerties (so not their last name, but the dogs name) rode up front somewhere... wonder if she got pics.

More slides.... Then Coyote Mountain... where the big slides are. I have pictures... Sydney talked me into riding the tunnel slide with her a dozen times, then while Tio, Tia and Dominic did the Corn Maze I took Devin a few times on the big slide... oh yeah there was Marble Mining. Time flew bye before we realized it... 230 rolled around and it was time for us to pick Bianca up from school. We didn't get to do the hayride to pick pumpkins.... So now we have another excuse to visit another pumpkin patch.

Okay Drama.... We loaded into the car and Taylor Swift was in the CD Player and Sydney lost it. She wanted 'Show Stoppa' and since I didn't jump she threw a tantrum. She screamed and cried and kicked my seat for an hour. The ride was grueling. I about lost my mind.

Okay so I sound like a total bitch for not putting on the right CD.... but they were tired and cranky and I figured they'd fall asleep. at one point I might have caved a bit. There was this yelling, sobbing of Sydney wanting me to hold her hand. After thirty minutes I think I held her hand, I really wanted to stuff a sock in her mouth so that I didn't have to hear her any more. I might have even put her song on.... So she got what she wanted for a minute or two, but then for some reason she decided she didn't like the carseat straps so tight, and the crying began again. So the song was turned off, the hand stolen away.....and then she was screaming that she wanted my hand until we got home. There was no more giving in.

First thing I did was run upstairs and change, put on my running clothes, grabbed my ipod and Kallie and did 3 miles. I felt so much better when I got home. Peyton was still asleep in the car, Sydney had fallen asleep in the corner of against her dresser, sitting up, head back and mouth open. Ben called it her yoga pose. It was cute, I wish I would have gotten a picture, but Ben did take a couple.

Finally Sydney got her nap and the house is now calm again..... The Fantastic Four dropped by to hang out for a lil while tonight. All in all... it was a good Friday.


  1. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Bless your heart for keepin' your cool . . . kids DO grow out of all that and then? . . . they can drive themselves places and you can have a coffee (with a booster) by yourself.

    Bet that run you had was the BEST EVER!


  2. OMGosh... a Good Friday??? Funny how you make a 3 mile run sound good!!! I think Santa may need to get those girls some CD players of their own! I feel your pain though.. with a 6-CD player in the car, why do you have to listen to Alvin and the Chipmunks ALL the time???

    We had a blast at the patch, as always. I'm so glad we have a few more years ahead of us to be able to enjoy it with the kids!