Friday, October 09, 2009

13 year old check up

Today I took Bianca for her 13 year old check up. Yep, the title says it all. I shouldn't have been surprised that she needed shots.... but I was. Three shots to be exact. As soon as the shots were mentioned Bianca was glaring at me.... If looks could kill.. I'd have died right on the spot.

Height 5 ftt 2 1/2 and 94 lbs. She's 60% in height and 30% in weight. According to her charts she's stayed on the same slope the last few visits. The nurse took bianca's blood pressure and a quick glance, then asked her to undress and put the gown on... open in the back.... As soon as the nurse left Bianca looked at me and the tears started to flow, she told me she hated me because I brought her to the dr and because she had to get shots and she didn't want shots.. and i could go on and on.... Did I mention she told me she HATED me... over shots... like my plan that morning was to wake up with the satisfaction of knowing I was taking my daughter to get shots... needles stuck into her arm, shoulder, leg, who knows where....... It really hurt my feelings.

She refused to get undressed and after a half dozen kleenex and my explanation on why she needed shots and why I take her to the dr... She finally put on her paper robe and sat down.... oh only after I told her I'd ask for a reincheck on the shots....

Luckily Bianca was calmed down by the time the Dr came in.... a new Dr too. She asked Bianca 20 questions and checked B out....she commented that Bianca was very healthy. I sure hope so... it was the shots that were going to get us in the end.... actually Bianca promised to come back for the shots... and that's a visit I'm going to skip. Ben gets that trip to the Dr.

I took the Sydney and Peyton to drive their Jeeps around the neighborhood... but I made them take turns driving and made them ride together.... I just can't keep up with them both on my own in two seperate cars.... What am I going to do when they turn four??????????

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  1. So sorry about the Dr. visit. I'm glad you got a healthy girl there though...

    When the girls turn 4... it's time for a bicycle built for three! Wouldn't THAT be a sight??