Friday, August 14, 2009

Elk Grove SunStroke Classic

Tournament Two. Take Two... does this mean 2nd Place... Heck no, we're shooting for Victory.

Game 1 Lodi Crushers vs Land Park Velocity. Two goals for us. Zero for the opponents. Tiara & Alexis got the goals. Game 2 Land Park Velocity vs River City Clash. Three goals for Velocity and a goose egg for the RCC.

Game 3 Elk Grove Vortex vs Land Park Velocity. Nothing like another V.. V for Victory. Three for us. 0 for them....

Championship Game was tough. After two halves the game was still 0 vs 0. Ten minutes later the game was still tied up. Penalty Kicks.... The lines were set and we kicked first. Alexis shot and scored. They shot and scored. Elinoir shot and scored. They shot and scored. Tamiko went next and scored. Renee blocked their shot. Hannah R shot and scored. Renee blocked the shot. Velocity wins with 4 PK's.

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  1. That Bianca is a studmuffin!!!