Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Soccer & Sushi

Soccer season is upon us.....

Land Park Velocity now in session. Figure 8's. Juggling. Dribbling. Scrimmages. What fun. Practice falls on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I'm not sure of the time slots, I don't see much of Ben or Bianca on those days. Some nights they come home around 830, other times it's after 1000.

Tuesday I had a soccer game at 810, against the Soccer Moms - that name is just not them. Sure there might be one or two moms on the team, but their daughters are on the team as well. I knew it would be a tough game, and they took the lead within a few seconds of the whistle blowing.

Soccer Jim was delighted to hear I was bringing Sydney and Peyton to the game. They were going to be the cheerleaders... yeah, I bribed them just a lil bit. Skittles. Need I say more. As soon as I mentioned Soccer Jim the girls chimed in.. "Will Sherri be there?" Sorry to disappoint the ladies.... but Sherri is still in pismo - soakin up the sun.... They did get a lil fix of Sherri who's only a phone call away.

The game was back and forth, high scoring 9 v 10 with a loss in our column. Lexi had 4 goals, I had 3 goals and Kara had 3 goals. I had a lil whiplash.. one of the friendlier girls on the SM decided to take me out... yeah I know.. they were a lil frusterated... gettin schooled by the 'old ladies' I know.... Let's take out that one who thinks she's got some dribble moves... Face Plant. I still have all my teeth.

Ben and Bianca showed up midway through the game and afterwards we went to Sushi with Soccer Jim. We closed the place down. Soccer Jim was sharing stories - the Watermelon story. Afterwards... Peyton looks up from her miso soup and says "Can you tell us another story. About a Strawberry?" When he said he didn't know any she said "What about an orange?" She's so flippin cute.


  1. Way to get knocked out Sista! Hmm... Sydo wants a fruit story, eh? What a cutie!

  2. Anonymous3:48 PM

    I can just see the little ladies in a few years . . . they'll be writin' the stories.

    What a grand evening that was.