Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day 2 - Folsom Lake

The girls and I went to hang out with Uncle Ty and Tia Amy on their boat. We drove to Granite Bay and launched. I didn't get a picture of the boat.. Next time. We did get a few pictures. As soon as we launched Peyton wanted to drive... She wasn't patient at all. Finally she got her chance to be Captain, i think she was a bit disappointed there wasn't a Captain's hat to wear. Her favorite button was the horn.... Horn works, Check, Horn still works... Check

Sydney, Peyton and Uncle Ty took turns driving. I got a chance to try the knee board. Let's say that I never actually got completely up and going. I did manage to get on the knee board, couldn't buckle it on, my knee was rubbing against the velcro - ouch.... Three times, and no charm. I should have opted for the Wake board, might have been easier.

We ate lunch on a private beach, met up with Cheryl, Chris, Greg and some girl. Two boats and a Jet Ski...

I think we need to gather the family for one of our annual cook outs at Folsom. Everyone can bring their boats and jet ski's... hint hint to Tia Andria and Uncle Rudy on the jet ski's... amd i Uncle Erick too....I can't rememeber a time where Tia Carmen and Tio Martin actually brought their boat out, but Uncle Tom and Uncle Rafa can always bring their boats out and Tia Amy and Uncle Ty can bring theirs.

Peyton and Sydney both got a lil pink around the eyes, I guess I didn't get the sunblock around their eyes well enough, hard to get those places, I'm always nervous I'll get it in their eyes... at least it's just pink.... not red.

On her knee's

Captain Peyton & Ty
Left or Right?

Captain Sydney and Ty

Can I drive yet?


  1. Well at least you got afloat! I just get flooded out! Man, that's a tough sport to catch on to. Peyton looks all too comfy in her role as Captain... then again, it fits her.

    Does the horn work? HA! lol. That was funny.

  2. That looked like so much fun! And yes I think we all need to do another family BBQ that was so much fun!

  3. Anonymous5:20 PM


    I can see Peyton knows what she wants to do in life, . . .everything!
    Good for her. Did anyone get a nap out there?


  4. Think the girls will let me be captain once?