Monday, July 07, 2008

weekend pics of my sweethearts

Sydney doesn't want a pony
Sydney prefers it long
My cart
where my cart?
my eyes green, you eyes green
what sydney doing
bugs ~screams~
go away bugs
daddy & Bianca
Bianca can't stop laughing
the death stare
Peyton & Sydney
Wait mama, you come in picture
waving at the crowd


  1. I cannot believe how fast they grown! Are they still super potty training ?

    We are going to start on Luke sooner than we did Andrew ( now that we have some experience in it) Cross out fingers that he will get it as fast as they did!

    They looks so snazzy in thew new shoe's!

  2. I came back to the blog to get my niece(s)-fix! The last pic made me laugh with Syd waving. LOL. "Adios, mass-goers...we're next!" - How long do you think they'll hold each others' hand? Cutie patooties!

  3. They look so grown up! Just adorable!

  4. Sarah Beth10:06 AM

    Great picture of Ben and Bianca!! Love Sydneys Miss America wave ;)