Wednesday, July 09, 2008

sunglasses galore

We've been trying to get the babies back into their routine... and we thought bribes may work.... We started off doing the charts - that didn't work very well. They loved putting stickers on the charts, but the stickers were everywhere..... so we explained to the babies if they could go to bed without crying, sleep through the night and get up the next morning with no tears.... after a week we'd buy sunglasses..... The babies love sunglasses.... So it worked....


  1. Stylin'! Our "chart" has been untouched for quite some time. It never got filled anyway. It only takes one day to ruin the entire week!

    What? No Diego sunglasses???

  2. Cute picture of Peyton not liking her apple (is that what she's eating)?

  3. Well, I guess if this is working the girls will have one massive sunglass collection eh?

    what in the world is Peyton eating? too funny!