Saturday, March 22, 2008

Alexander turns two

The boy next door had a Pump It Up Birthday Party. The Diva, the Rock star, and the Drama Queen all showed up. The big slide was the most popular attraction, until Jason (the guy next door) showed up... Jason challenged Bianca to a race through the obstacle course. He got a quick start by jumping the gun, but Bianca made it up quick, beating him by three horse lengths.... Then they had a soccer shootout.. Bianca barely made it by 2-1... The little kids all enjoyed the jump houses, kicking soccer balls and the slides. Sydney even went through the obstacle course once... She wanted to go again, but it was hard work getting her up and over the huge walls...

Alexander gives Bianca a bear hug
the girls trying to get out of the jumphouse
mama sliding down with Sydney... daddy's not so good with the camera
Peyton enjoys the slide

Here are some more pics, click to view the slideshow

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