Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Tia (Carmen)

(lovely shot Ben took with my tele lens from our side of the table... martin, matthew, carmen, kalyn
We all got together for Tia Carmen's birthday at Strings Italian Cafe. Grandma minus Papa who had a cold, Tio Martin, Kalyn and Matthew. Tio Rudy, Tia Andria, Dominic and Donovan.... and us - The kids were all very well behaved. Ben and I seemed to be banished to the kids side of the table.. and the rest of the adults got to chat it up... Ben got Spaghetti - way to try something out of the box... Bianca went with Penne Pasta and alfredo, Sydney had spaghetti with alfredo and Peyton had angel hair with red sauce... I had Calamari Steak and Shrimp... excellent choice... Sydney and Peyton actually had a lil angel hair and a lil spaghetti... plus brocolli. For dessert we all had some ice cream - then to Tia's house for strawberry cheesecake. Yummy - Thanks Tia for getting a year older....
Tia Andria shootin the breeze
Tio Rudy decided on Muscles

Dominic was concentrating on keeping the colors in the lines

and the reason there are no pics of us... well the telephoto lens - doesn't do well with close ups

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  1. Yep, Rudy's working on those "muscles". He enjoyed the mussels with his meal, but was eyeballing your plate the entire time wishing he made the decision of having the Calamari.

    Why don't they have round tables in places like that? Rudy kept playing musical chairs, I have no idea how he thought that set up was ideal?