Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stincin Beach by way of American Idol

Originally I planned this week to be my stay at home mom week. I really miss my days of being a stay at home mom. Almost a year of being home full time. It is something I will always cherish. So every year our daycare providers take a much needed vacation and therefore we must vacation too.

The plan was to leave for San Francisco at 4 a.m.... Here's what really happened.

Day One:

Wake up at 4 a.m - crawl out of bed @ 4:15 - call Amy to see where she is on the road - Sunrise Mall - Sweet.

Most everything was ready the night before. Dressed, Ready to go, wake kids up, get them dressed and into carseats @ Starbucks at 5:25 - $20 later we're on the freeway and driving. Holding Sydney's hand - I wasn't driving... my arm fell asleep, so did the girls... Home Free. Potty Break in Pinole.... onward we drive. Gotta love Carpool when there are tolls to be paid.
Get lost, flip a (BEEOTCH) Sydney starts throwing up... UGH - I've got a brand new pack of wipes... I'm going thru them, catching puke, cleaning up puke from hands, arms, face, clothes... SO GROSS...
Get to the Cow Palace - change Sydney (yes, I brought four sets of extra clothes, including bikini's for the beach)
Stand in line - the babies were EXCELLENT. Sat in the stroller when asked, ate goldfish, drank apple juice, played with babies, I only had to hold them a few times.... We had our wristbands by 10 am and headed for the beach
No one told me the road to stincin beach was paved with VOMIT - this road is windy, hilly, bumping...
Sydney fell asleep and woke up 8 miles into the 12 mile drive to the beach...throwing up again... This time RED - she'd eaten licorice. She looked so awful. I felt so bad, I tried to catch most of the red vomit, I cleaned her face, her hands, she kept throwing up... we found a place to pull off.. it wasn't easy, the road is windy and there aren't many turn outs.
Cleaned her up as best as we could, and found a better place to get out. Changed her clothes again.
We hung out and walked around in a small wooded area, no where near the beach. the girls played some, I held Sydney a lot. They used the potty (I made them use pull ups.. they were MAD). After 25 minutes we decided to head home, no sand, no beach, no water for us.
Sydney was pitiful on the way out, we drove so slow, I think 15 miles an hour.... Peyton dozed off, and Sydney started to, but not long into the drive she was throwing up again... I felt so bad, I just wanted to cry. Finally a clearing.. and a Walgreens.
Bought some Kids chewy Dramamine, another bucket of wipes (the shea kind that grandma always buys - I love that smell) and a gingerale.
The kids slept the entire trip home....

What a nightmare.

Sydney & Peyton

Amy and the girls

Sydney and mommie lookin at the ocean

loves her sick baby, Peyton is picking up rocks


potty break

let's dance

fighting sleep

look at the red straps on her carseat.. poor sick girl

slight view of the road


  1. Poor Sydo.. Was it from the windy road or was she just sick! good think you were not driving that would have even been worse!

    So, what ended up happening with American idol?

  2. Sarah Beth9:07 AM

    Poor little girl :( See, if you come to visit me we have nothing but flat roads to the beach :))) and they are only 5 minutes away!! Hope she is doing better today!!

  3. That's no fun! I'm with Sydney and can not stand the windy roads. By looking at that pic with the road in the background, lord, I'd be barfing too!

    It looks like she tried to pretend it was all over. Good thinking on the change of clothes!

    Wish it was a better trip for you.