Friday, July 18, 2008

another roadtrip

Tuesday night I washed the car seat cover twice and it still smelled bad - went to bed after midnight (i think) and woke up at 545 to put the car seats back in the truck and get ready. ben wanted to leave for Great America @ 7 - we were in the car and outta here @ 730, stopped to pick up MIL and then we were on the road. Sydney started to cry as soon as she realized that Bianca was getting in the back and I was in the front... "mama, hand" over and over - it's really hard to hold her hand when she is sitting in the car seat behind me... even harder when I'm driving... luckily i wasn't driving... but I hate giving in.... but after 15 minutes.. I gave in... and then my arm was hurting and there were no signs she was going to sleep... so I needed my arm back and she continued to cry, scream, wail... I went to sleep... Peyton and Bianca went to sleep... Sydney-well she screamed... sometime around Fairfield Sydney fell asleep and there was a wonderful silence...
We arrived at our destination at 945 and got right into the park. They have wristbands you can get that determine which rides you can get on - according to height... well Peyton got her wrist band... and Sydney was 1/2 inch or less from a wristband... ~tears~ We managed to get the wristband off Peyton and onto Sydney's wrist so we could go on the log ride... it wasn't like we were going to send her off on some crazy ride on her own.... so don't worry... First we went on a bunch of the lil kid rides - bianca included on the ones they let her go on (she was a lil tall for some). We did the lil roller coasters with the girls. They loved it the first time. Peyton liked it the other times... but Sydney wasn't so crazy about it after ride #2...

SpongeBob says hello to the girls

Finally it's warm enough for the log ride. Bianca chickens out... so it's Me, Peyton, Ben & Sydney. The girls really enjoyed the 'boat' the hills were a bit iffy... but the log ride became the favorite...
Time for a magic show... Sydney decided she didn't want to stay for the show, so we went for a walk to her favorite place - the restroom... they have small (kid friendly) sinks where she can do it all herself... we spent anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes playing in the sink every time we visited the restroom... which was more often than I liked.... but i figured playing in the water... or screaming... you can only imagine -
I finally talked her into going to the water park - where the water slides were... she was excited and we met up with the rest of our crew, took off our shoes and went to play.... They had a small water slide for the kids and Bianca took them up... but the lady measured them even with the wristband and let Peyton go down... but not Sydney.. TANTRUM it was awful - the worst... and i felt so bad for her... finally she played in the spouts of water area and had some fun... but she wouldn't stop running and fell a couple times and we decided it was time to leave the water. TANTRUM again... this one lasted way to long... nothing seemed to work... Ice cream? NO Candy? NO... Daddy? CERTAINLY NOT... Shoes? HELL NO... Mommie? less crying... Sponge Bob Soda? YES... i was relieved... shoes went back on and we headed for the log ride.
While in line Sydney fell asleep in my arms so I put her back in the stroller while Peyton and Daddy went on the ride. HOORAY
I talked bianca into going to the big water slides with me and left MIL, Sydney, Peyton and Daddy at the log ride. Bianca was very nervous about the slides, but we climbed a lot of stairs and she got into the big round yellow boat, and off we went..... she screamed most of the way but by the time we were at the bottom.. she was all smiles... and we were off to go again... Second time was more fun. I talked her into the two man boat that goes in the dark circular tubes... and she screamed the entire way down... it was pretty fast... but not really scary... again we went and she had more fun... So we did the slides a few more times - the entire time we did the water park Ben took Sydney and Peyton (alternated) on the log ride... Sydney only napped like 10 minutes... MORE RIDES... finally we left the park around 8 something... got home at 10 - showered, blew my hair dry and went to bed

the gang

Peyton and Bianca

Sydney and Peyton

Snail rides

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  1. Looks and sounds like you had a great time! Love the drama stories..glad I'm not the only one with a little drama in my days :)

  2. Love the Peyton and Dora pics. Too cute! I'm glad they each found a bit of entertainment...and way to go Bianca...this must be training for Disneyworld! Sounds like it was a long day...and then to hear the dreaded alarm, ack!