Sunday, June 08, 2008


Sixth Grade Graduation
the cast: Papa, Grandma, Nana, Amy, Me, Ben, Sydney & Peyton

the setting: Tropical... palm trees and lays... it was hawaiian style

We got there at 10 am, the ceremony was going to start at 1030. We had an entire row reserved, Peyton said on the middle isle side, then me, with Sydney attached to my knee, Amy, Nana, Grandma, Papa, and Ben.... He sat on the opposite side of me so he didn't have to help with the girls. So I had my Nikon in one hand, while trying to balance Sydney on my knee and keep an eye on Peyton who was playing with the keys, dropping them and sliding out of the chair to retrieve them.... fun game.... Amy was in charge of the video.

Bianca was gorgeous, she looked older than eleven... ~pouts~ She was also first to walk down the isle. She was a blurr as she walked by so quickly... and I had on my tele lens thinking it would be easier to snap pictures of her on the stage....

all of the girls were dressed in beautiful dresses, some of the guys wore tuxes, a few suits and mostly a dressy casual look... slacks, polo's, button up shirts.... Everyone looked great.... they each paraded down the middle isle to their seats... The teachers read a Dr Seuss Story "oh, the places you'll go"

They called each graduate up to receive a certificate and a lay.... everyone cheered loudly. The babies were yelling Bianca's name most of the ceremony, or they were playing with the keys... yelling about the keys... trying to start the chair in front of us with the keys... Jaqui's mom was a sport as she was the one being poked most of the time... Cody's baby brother came to play with the girls towards the end of the ceremony... Hooray.

Afterwards there were flowers, balloons, cake, punch and lots of pictures. We went to visit Mrs R..(Bianca's 5th grade teacher) of course that was when the tears started to fall... She's been an awesome friend and teacher to Bianca. She's been there to help Bianca during her trying times, and keep her headed in the right direction. It's been great having her. The babies gave her hugs and high fives. Bianca loves Mrs R. She got teary eyed as we said our goodbyes... we'll be going back to visit... Hopefully she'll remember us....

After Mrs. R - we went to see Mrs H... Bianca's 2nd grade teacher, we've stayed in touch with her over the years. We see her outside of school and when she substitutes.... It's always good to see her and get some hugs. She's a lot of fun. We'll see her off and on this summer when we take Kallie to dog training...

We snapped some pictures and then Bianca wanted her special lunch celebration at Benihana's. After lunch Bianca went to spend some of her graduation money and then we headed home with a CRYING baby.... it was bad... Later that night Shannon, Mike, Estella and Diego came over to BBQ. The kids played outside for awhile, played kitchen, ran around, watched some curious george and then packed up and headed for home... i was exhausted.

Bianca & Nick
Jaqui, Kelsie, Bianca
Josh & Bianca
Michael & Bianca
Someone, Emily C, Kelsie, Emily M, Autumn, Bianca, Caelob
Grandma, Bianca, Papa
Amy & Bianca
Actin goofy


  1. You're right, she does look older. Perhaps it is her new hair? =) Congrats B.

  2. Waaah!!! Way to go (again) B on the successful year! Looks like grad day was harder on Mom than the grad, huh? I LOVE the dress (will you wear it for the baptism?)

  3. It all goes too fast!!

  4. Ok...not like I'm "checkin" him out or anything, but Papa looks like he's been working out...grrrrrYeowza! Congrats're growing up so fast. Hope you love middle school.