Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dominic Turns Six

Last weekend we celebrated Dominic's Sixth Birthday. Everyone had a splashin good time. Uncle Rudy kept getting me wet while I was in the splash area trying to get the girls to play in the water. He kept directing the water at me... luckily for everyone I wore black instead of white.... - and in the end I got him really good. The first time he was chattin away and I took a big water balloon to his back, the next time he was relaxing on a bench and I dumped an entire water bottle over his head. ~smiles~ It felt really good.

Dominic got lots of Pokemon stuff, he was lovin it. Here are some pictures .

playin in the water
Athena, Me, Sydney holding onto me, Peyton playin with the water
Donovan and Bianca smile for the camera
Sydney wanted to play @ her park.... the swings and slides were way to hot, she was disappointed.
Devin & Ben
Uncle Michael lets Bianca use his crutch
Bianca and Matthew
Bianca & Kalyn

"So we meet again" Bianca & Andres this is something that they say everytime they see each other.... they act like Jedi's

My three beautiful girls

Peyton & Sydney eating PBJ and sippin cocktails
Hey batter.... Dominic takes the first swing
Peyton takes her turn, she's more interested in smiling at the camera than really hitting the pretty star
Sydney tries poking the pinata...

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  1. Sarah Beth12:01 PM

    I swear, Bianca gets more beautiful everyday!! Not to mention how extremely adorable the lil girls are :) Looks like everyone had fun!!