Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Barefoot in the Park -

I know I know... I haven't been blogging much.. and I'm always the first to bitch when someone isn't blogging... I've been crazy busy at work.... and I haven't been sleeping much.... and it's obviously not due to blogging... ~lmao~ So I'm going to try and put some pictures up at least... cuz I know some of you are tired of looking at that darn cake everytime you pop in to see what's up....

These pictures are of the Triple Threat hangin out at the park with Mommie, Sherri and Soccer Jim - Soccer Jim shot the pics... (he took like 80 pictures)

The girl are playing puzzles so I have a few minutes to get something out to see


  1. About darned time...DIRTBAG! Love the pics. Bianca is so beautiful. Ben is going to have problems on his hands.

  2. Diz, what are you talking about? Ben already has his hands full. He had his hands full when he married Kristie.