Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Okay so this is amazing to me.... I've been so stoked telling everyone

the girls always take a bath with those foam letters and numbers... usually while we're in the bath they like to stack the letters.... I try to point out the colors and what letters or numbers they are holding, and usually they repeat them...

out of the blue the girls were taking a bath and Sydney (my quiet baby) pulls out a letter D and says D... then she pulls out an R.. says R... T, U, O, E, Y, P... it was so cool.... I was so excited... so she's been carrying around her letters everywhere we go now.... in her purse... ~smiles~

Yeah, a proud moment


  1. lol that is cute.. keep practicing!

  2. I knew Sydo would be the one. Still waters run deep. She'll be the scholar and Peyton will be the party girl. Bianca gets to be both.