Sunday, April 13, 2008

Kallie goes to School

Saturday we signed Kallie up for doggie school. She met her pawmates. Cola -pitbull, Cookie - (rescued) lab, shep mix, Jenny Jumping Bean - terrier, Fergie - small white poodle, Moses Malone - HUGE basset hound w/ one eye, Buddie - mixed breed, Dori - bull mastif, Can't remember his name, Golden Lab..... - i think i got them all - kat is the dog trainer... she's a nut....
We practiced the Look, Release (all done), Sit and calling our dogs commands. Kallie was wonderful in class... everyone loved her and talked about how well behaved she was and how beautiful..... course once we are home... it's a new story....

Here are some pics of our 54 lb puppy

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  1. Wow.. she grows like a weed... not so much a puppy anymore, huh?