Sunday, April 13, 2008

40 minute workout

Sydney and Peyton got a good work out playing on the slide in the backyard. I opted to keep Kallie busy most of the time by playing soccer with her. She loves the soccer ball, but sometimes she bites my ankles when she's trying to take the ball from me.... I've got a couple marks to show for the efforts.

speaking of soccer - last tuesday I played indoor for the first time in years.... I got a hat trick and a couple assists. I also thought I was going to throw up after the first half.... I was afraid to go back into the game.... so I sat out most of the second half... I did finally go back in... with 6 minutes to play.... it was a good six minutes.... scored two goals, one off a free kick and the other dribbling up and put it threw the goalie's legs.... - I'm looking forward to this Tuesday

1 comment:

  1. Well, that is cool Kallie enjoys the family sport =). How fun you started your soccer, glad it went well, except for the feeling ill part.