Saturday, April 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy

Today Daddy turned the big 34.... Happy Birthday
We celebrated with a BBQ & broccoli of course... There was a tuxedo cake and rollerskating... okay the skating was for Emma's birthday party... She turned 10.... and all of the pictures I took were grain - E... not sure what happened... Here are a few pictures that turned out.

We love broccoli

Green Stuff - more please

banana splits

bianca & andres - no they are not holding hands... they're racing to the floor to skate

Sydney chases Donovan

Dominic gets his skate on

Tia Carmen & Tio Martin couple skate

DJ loves pizza

The Amezcua's


  1. Happy Birthday Ben!!

  2. Shoot I didn't know it was Ben's B-day too!
    Welp, glad you guys had a good day =)

  3. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Happy Birthday Ben! An excellent month to have a birthday.

  4. Are Bianca and Andres holding hands? lol. I couldn't tell the pics were grainy - fun shots!

    Ah, Ben's one year away from bein' old with me! :) (...and you're not too far away too!) What's old?

  5. Happy Birthday BennieBooBoo!!! Hope the girls...all the girls...spoiled you rotten!!