Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Another day in Paradise - picked up Sydney and Peyton from daycare (late) @ 4... I wanted to go to the gym at 530 to meet some friends for the Cardio Fushion Class... I pulled into my driveway at 500 - Sydney was screaming because I wouldn't hold her hand while I was driving and she almost threw her shoe out the window along with her socks... of course Ben said I shouldn't have the windows down that far... but Sydney wanted the window down... and hello... I wanted a quiet baby... and in the end... no one really got what they wanted... Ben had made spaghetti for dinner and it was almost finished when I got home. So I tried to get the babies calmed down and ready to eat so I could get to the gym.... well while I was upstairs trying to find my Reebok sports bra.... the world downstairs was shattering. I could hear screaming - Ben, Crying - the kids... so I didn't get to the gym - instead I played referee to a thirty something man, a tween and two wild and crazy toddlers.

Sydney in the far left corner, Peyton creeping up towards us (Courtni & I)
Peyton imitates the poopy pose with Courtni
Ahhh, someone is getting some love
Tastes great... What is this stuff? I think I could use a cup like this all the time mom... you don't mind cleaning up my spills - do you?

Please share you goldfish Sydney - Peyton's exact words
Playing in the sunshine at Grandma and Papa's house
Racing from the shed to mama all the while carrying a cup of apple juice
OOOhhh, who drop they orange?
I love me some sugar cookie chapstick
I'm a sweet sister, I share my chapstick and if you're lucky I'll let you use the chapstick too

Here let me help you Peyton, that's what sisters do... or could it be that she doesn't want to let go of the chapstick, cuz we all know that whoever holds the chapstick rules the world....

it's now 956 and I can still hear the kids, yes all three still wide awake. I've asked them to go to sleep like a billion times. I've gone into their room and put them into bed a bunch of times. I've asked Bianca to go to her own room and sleep... and still I hear three voices coming from one room.... tomorrow morning will be here quicker than I'd like... and I'm sure I'll have three grumpy kids -

Tomorrow Bianca has tryouts for soccer - We'll be out there to cheer her on, lucky girl...


  1. Yikes! What a night! Could it be the time change? What's up with that?

  2. My kids have been so grumpy with the time change...maybe some sugar cookie chapstick will cheer them up!

  3. Sarah Beth9:58 AM

    Hummmm..I don't think I want the babies to be terrible twos for a while :) sounds like it was a fun night..lol