Monday, March 10, 2008

Getting Ready to Welcome Devin

updated!!! Saturday we showered Andria with food, cake, games and gifts for her newest arrival - Devin - well he's arriving sometime in April - there is a bet on the date.... ~lol~

Bianca and I have been getting ready for the last few weeks, gathering decorations and goodies, and finally putting everything together on Friday night and Saturday morning.... I've been gone a lot the last month or so.. and I was very happy that it all came together so nicely.

MIL made Chiliquilas - everyone's favorite. We had regular salad and fruit salad - wow we went through almost two buckets of fruit - keepin everyone as healthy as we can. The Mango, Kiwi and grapes seemed to be the most popular fruit.

My sister Amy, sister in law Carmen & Cousin Joan all came over to help set up for the party - Thank you..
We got the best cake ever from my friend Adrianna - it was beautiful and tasted way to good to eat... but when you have a pregnant woman in the house... everything needs to be eaten ~wink wink~ I was very happy with everything. Andria's mom Linda was the mamarazzi.....Here are a few pictures from the party. I can't get blogger to upload any pics... ~pouts~ Check out Andria's blog for more pictures


  1. yikes, it looks like I've been through the ringer!

    That was fun...and sad knowing I'll never have any more of those kinds of parties. It's all partying for the kids from here on out! Oh wait, can I have a 40th Birthday Party if I make it that far? (no kids?)

  2. Sarah beth9:18 AM

    Great pics!! You did a wonderful job :) Luke is soooooo cute!!