Sunday, November 30, 2014

Run To Feed The Hungry 20014

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
We woke up early to beat the rush of runners.  The run started at 815 and we barely made it.  Another year where it was just me and the kids.  It's normal now, after 8 years of this.  8 great shirts, 8 great thanksgiving runs, 8 years of doing community service and spending a couple hours getting some exercise with my family.  I couldn't ask for a better day

We jogged the first mile without stopping, but then we had to take some breaks.  Water breaks, breathing breaks, by the 3rd mile Kamren wanted to get out and run too.  He did, he sprinted, the people who were cheering runners on were clapping and cheering him on loud.  He ran faster and longer, it was great, well except we had to break our jogging stride to catch up with the lil man. 

Sydney whined a bunch, threw a lil tantrum, smacked me on the back because I didn't want to hold hands while running.  So we had to walk again.  walking and running, walking and running.  it was good.  Usually I see lots of people I know, this time I saw only Kristin Lunardi, and I saw her a couple times, even got a photo...  We did it.. the 10k.  Did I mention that.  My second time running the 10K.  The first time I could barely walk the next few days.  This time... My right knee hurt, but by day three the pain is a distant memory.

A couple photos

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