Saturday, April 20, 2013

Lost a few posts

I should really save more often. I wrote a few days worth and lost it all so in playing catch up
Last Sunday we met up with the cousins at grandma and papas house, the girls were so excited that the boys were going to be there and as soon as uncle Rudy and Tia andria rounded the corner Donovan was trying to jump out of the van It hadn't even stopped and he was flying out of the door on a mission to meet up with the coolest cousins he knows. Okay I'm biased but these three really love each other. Snapped some photos of the cousins all enjoying Popsicles. I even made a poster of one.
Looking back over old blog posts of Sydney Peyton and Donovan and how they looked like triplets and even now they still have that resemblance. Great lookin kids with personality for days.
I love their relationship, how much fun they can have playing dogs, soccer, hide n seek or just talking about everyday stuff. I can't wait to see what happens next. Looking forward to summer fun

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