Tuesday, August 30, 2011

a tuesday

my last tuesday before I go back to work again.  so i'm filling it with pictures and blogging and working and being a mom, wife, soccer coach, and chef. 

the wireless on this laptop isn't working, so i'm stuck upstairs and plugged in.  my desktop keyboard doesn't work, ben promised to get me a new one, and that promise was forgotten, so i'm bloggin from the plugged in laptop, while sitting in my comfy glider, then i will be running to my desktop to upload some pictures

today was picture day at Sydney and Peyton's school.  they picked clothes out for pictures, well i mean i helped Sydney pick, but Peyton refused my help.... so when they look back in twenty years, and everyone says they won't....  one will wonder why she isn't dressed up, and one will wonder why am i dressed up.  okay not really dressy dressy.... but totallly different.  not to say they didn't ask if they could wear fancy dresses, cuz you know everything is better when fancy, but you can't let your kindergartner show up like she's in a wedding or going to fancy party... not when it's picture day. 

can't wait to see how they turn out, $100 later, i'm sure i could  have posed them and took my own pictures somewhere else for a whole lot less... instead i snapped a few out front.. where the two girls were fighting because Peyton didn't want Sydney to touch her.... or her hair, or her shoulder or get to close..... and that got us running late, and got me... not getting very good shots.... 

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