Monday, April 18, 2011

Another Day another Bath

This bath was a little less stressful, but since his last bath we've decided that showers are more his style. I don't know about the bathtub we picked out, for some reason it's not like the old fashioned type that you fill and they never leak. This one leaks.... so unless I want to be bent over the bathtub with the baby bathtub inside... it's shower time.

When Kamren gets out of the tub or shower his hair is super curly, but by the time it dries, just the top is curly. I wonder.... Will he have curls like Peyton... or is he gonna have straight hair like the rest of us.

This water is warm, it reminds me of another place and  time

This is the life, warm water and an audience

Don't get that shampoo in my eyes, I know it says no more tears... oh wait thats J&J, we do Aveeno

Passed out after a bath

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