Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So I was lucky enough to get my sister to take some pictures at the last game. The next few posts are from the Hawks victory over the Incredibles. Way to go hawks.... The first half of the season is over and we're about to take on the second half. Looking forward to lots more fun, and maybe some more pictures...
check out those strides, she's gonna run like Bianca

she beats them all

quick dump off to Sydney

she's dribbling up field

going up the sideline towards the goal

keep on keepin on

attacking the ball

waiting for the kick off

Peyton gets a boot on it
passes to Jaxson

kick it to me

I'm open... in the middle.... pass it

yeah... check out my skills

going for the goal

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  1. Anonymous10:53 PM

    To neat . . thanks for sharing. Hope I can get to one of their games.