Tuesday, September 14, 2010


The Hawks played their first soccer game. The game will filled with goals from both teams. We lost count there were so many. From the sidelines I was busy trying to help direct soccer players which way to go. Tia Amy had the video camera going to capture the event.... I don't know what happened but only the 3rd and 4th quarter showed up.... I know she's blonde, but really I set everything up for her.... talk about disappointment....

Sydney started the game - she was starting at defense, but that only lasted for a minute, then the bees swarmed up the field to put it in the net. less than a minute later, the swarm was back and shooting into our goal. Sydney ran like a pro, back and forth, getting her touches on the ball and even one hard pass. Go girl.

Peyton was in the front the 2nd quarter of the game. She was using her turbo boost as she sprinted up and back on the field. She was right in the mess of players, kicking shins, ankles and the dear ball. She had some great passes and she didn't give up on the ball at all.
The goals were happening left and right. Jaxson has at least 5 goals and Daniel had 2 goals. Way to go HAWKS
The 3rd quarter Peyton played in the front again, and Sydney wanted to play goalie... She got a shut out during her debut as goalie. No one wanted to try and get in her house. Peyton was close a few times to scoring... we are going to work hard this week at practice to get the girls shooting hard.
The 4th quarter my girls sat out under the umbrella and ate lots of oranges... nothing better than oranges on a hot soccer afternoon.
Bianca got the first goal of her game, the first goal of the regular season.... but Velocity fell short of a win....

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  1. Anonymous3:04 PM

    Alright . . looks as if the whole family is now dedicated to soccer . . Great shots of the little Ladies in their uniforms . .