Friday, June 19, 2009

TGIF - Fun in the Sun

Always the spontaneous one. I called my sister in law Andria at 10 am. Sydney took over the conversation and when she was through, we were all meeting at the park to play in the water and eat lunch. It was really all my doing... I knew Tia wouldn't be able to tell the girls no... It would be much easier to tell me that.... Peyton threw a fit and we had to call back so she could make sure that Dominic, Donovan and Devin were all meeting us at the park.

I forgot to charge my camera, so I only got a few pictures.... running downstairs to get my camera now... I need to charge it before I forget again.

Back. Sydney is crying and having a melt down because she wants me to lay on the bed and watch Sleeping Beauty. Peyton and Daddy went to Costco. The kids haven't napped at all today. Ben wanted to take the girls to see Up at the theater. I would rather take them earlier in the day.

Can you tell I let them pick what to wear. Sydney decided on pieces from different suits. Was nice because I didn't get the 'are they twins questions I usually get'

Here are a few pictures. I'm waiting for Andria to get me the others. We took a bunch between the two of us... and her handy dandy camera. I changed her ISO on her camera... Hopefully the pictures turned out FABULOUS.

Most of the pictures I have I took before Andria and the boys got there. Can't wait to add more. Accept for these first ones... They were added last and yet they show up first. I didn't even get one with my camera of Dominic. I did get a lot of great ones of him playing in the water though.

Chillin in the wagon

eating apples

sharing stories and apples

Even Devin likes apples

I love this picture of Donovan

Peyton gets splashed first

Wait for the spout

check us out

Austrilian Hat


  1. Anonymous6:07 PM


    All are photo's are very nice. Peyton in the hat? . . . exceptional in my eyes. I'm so happy you share your photographs with me.


  2. Um, yeah, there aren't THAT many photos of Dominic. He's the goofy one, remember? Most of the pics were his backside or water up his face! LOL. We had a blast. And yes, good strategy on the playdate planning! It worked. I'm a sucker!