Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Freaky Friday Hair Style

I actually tried to snag this hair do from our friends Rose and Marie.... but as soon as I started fixing Sydney's hair she said... "Just like Anna's friends hair. Mommmmmm.... I look like Anna's friend on MY movie Freaky Friday"

Yes... you do.. The girls picked their own outfits out as well. I hope it's not gonna be 108 today.

I couldn't get the girls to stand still.... nor did they want pictures taken.... I should have used auto..


  1. Freaky Friday?? hmm. Looks like a Twisted Tuesday! I love their fashion (non)sense! ;)

  2. Anonymous1:28 AM

    I wonder who they were emulating in their dress, . . Bianca or Mom?!
    Very nice photographs and lots of color in their clothing selections.


  3. Sooo cute. I love that their hair ties match the outfit!