Sunday, March 22, 2009

I started this

and haven't found the time to finish....the ramblings of an overworked, underpaid, mom, wife, friend, sister, sister in law, daughter, cousin, soccer player, and photographer.

So much has been going on, I'm not even sure where to begin. I've been traveling since February, and yes, it's now nearing the end of March. The college campus campaign is over. We visited CSUS, ARC, UC Davis, Delta, UOP, San Jose State University, Stanford, UCLA, CSU LA, SFSU, SF City College, UCSF, UC Berkeley, and more.. the unnamed.

I spent a week in San Francisco. I had great traveling mates - Frankie & Sharon. Sharon and I had so much fun. We hung out at the W. Drank some crazy cucumber martini's - Spa Bliss Baby. Walked the sparkling streets of London Town - Union Square? Stayed at the Intercontinental hotel - Greatest Hotel in the city. I can't wait to stay again.

I spent a week in Los Angeles with Maria. We had so much fun between the beaches and the Abbey - where we saw Mini Britney perform live. Danced with lil leprachauns, there were bag pipes galore & techno music.

One of my best friends moved to Pismo Beach - Morro Bay... I spent lots of days and nights hanging out with her - those days leading up to her moving day. We did dinners, soccer, just hung out and talked. I miss her like crazy. Sydney and Peyton ask almost daily "when are we going to the beach to see Sherri"

We are going to the beach this weekend, but not to see Sherri, and not to Morrow Bay. Santa Cruz is our destination. A memorial for my lil brothers baby Aidden Joshua who was born still at 20 weeks on Thursday March 18th (2009).

This has also been a crazy emotional week for me. Today/Tonight marks the 4 year anniversary of Kyle going to Heaven. So hard to believe that it's been four years since he left my arms. I still remember how my arms ached for months after he was gone. I could still smell his skin, feel his touch long after he was gone. Phantom things that we go through.

Again I'm blessed and thankful to have friends and family alike who still remember Baby Kyle and us on his birthday and his anniversary. I truly love you all. I am a better person because of him and you.

Well that is until you hear about my night. Soccer Game. My first indoor game in 4 weeks. Ben has been anticipating an early game so he could bring the girls to watch. They love to hang out with Soccer Jim (and Sherri when she's at the games) and maybe they watch a lil bit of me playing. They do cheer for me when I score, and score I did... Hat trick, we were dominating the game. There was one girl on the other team who was playing dirty, she took out Erin (one of our players) and she tried to play dirty against me, but I play just as dirty... I don't think she liked that. She tried to take out our goalie, and during the second half of the game, they had an extra player on the field....

My sister and the girl (with the red shorts) were going at it, and the girl was elbowing and acting the fool and then she pushed Amy, a foul was called, and Amy was a lil irritated... she pushed back... and that girl swung on Amy... Yep.. she hit Amy in the chin, and Amy swung back, at that point I was on my way.. Yellin, they seemed to be trying to break it up. Well let me help.. One girl had Amy and was holding her and that girl was going after her still, so I took it upon myself to stop her. grabbed her head, pushed her head and then her attention was on me. Roberta grabbed me by the neck, getting me the heck outta the way as the girl was thinking about trying her luck against me. That's where it gets CRAZY & WILD - the older chick comes after me.. She's lookin like a crazy bull. She's got broad shoulders, stands six feet tall easy, built like a train, ~lmao~ She wants my ass on a platter. She's talking trash, and I can talk just as much trash as the next one. So she says it's on... and I say Bring It... she's ready to go outside in the parking lot --- cuz by this time the refs call the game. 4 red cards issued. Me, Amy, the girl in the red shorts and the bull/train WOMAN.

The girl still wants to fight me... ten minutes later, she won't shut up.. Finally while our team is celebrating our VICTORY with CupCakes (Sandra's last game) and the MetroCity people are talking about the VIDEO All is calm.. and everyone goes home.


  1. That is some hard core soccer you play there. You sure she isn't really a man? ;) And you have to be pooped with all the traveling. Although it must be a little nice =)

    I can't believe it has been 4 years already. I always think of Kyle, not just around these dates. Andrew's got a little buddy, and it breaks my heart they never got to know each other but blessed at the same time we have the little duo =).

    Speaking of which tell them they can play with Baby Luke anytime... We really do need to play more =)

  2. My image of you has been ruined. Oh Kristie...

    Did you have some rage burnin' or what?

    Kyle and I will have a talk over lunch later this week. He's watchin' you know?

  3. I know Andrea is right...Kyle can watch us both kick some ASS!!! WooHoo!!! You rock Sista!!!

  4. My bad ass friend..I cant believe you arent all over youtube..haha love ya :)