Sunday, August 10, 2008

Morgan Hill Tournament

Friday afternoon we took a three hour drive to Morgan Hill - Bianca and I slept most of the way while our faithful companion drove.... and tried to keep up with Michael and Tonya.

Saturday Game Time - Rage vs Cyber Rays @ 900 am - game ended 3-2 with us losing. Alexis got hurt and had to go home, sprained ligament or something, she's out at least 6 weeks. She is one of our more aggressive, get in there and work hard players. Tiara got intimidated, she is our youngest player and she didn't want to play anymore after the first game... She took herself out of the game... Renee has knots in her calf muscle. Emily took a dive off the treadmill and cut her chin open, scraped a few layers of skin from her knee, shin and foot.... and she played Goalie for us in the 3rd & 4th place game.... She was a trooper. Natalie was sick with the flu, fever, chills, she played two games on Saturday and half of today's game... she is the normal goalie.

Saturday Game Time - Rage vs Hayward @ 200 pm - game ended 4-2 with us losing again... Yikes... our stuff wasn't working... We were getting pushed all over the place. Physical games. We are used to precision games.... So we ended up with 14 points... because we got a win for Sunday's first game....

Sunday the game was played in the Stadium for 3rd and 4th place... and somehow we managed to get a rematch against the Cyber Rays..... Yep.. and we came out victorious 1-0... it was a physical and great game.....

on a side note... We missed Sydney and Peyton a ton.... it was very quiet without them. As soon as we got home they were all over me. I think Sydney sat on my lap for about an hour... Peyton didn't get as much time as Sydney prefers to keep mommie all to herself.

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  1. Way to go Rage! We missed you guys. Next year, we gotta do the Gilroy Garlic Festival AND Gilroy Gardens - mark your calendar for the last weekend in July, K?

    Man, the Rage sounds like they started out like the Women's Gymnastics team... injuries everywhere and everyone else having to "step up to the plate"! Sounds like they handled it though.