Tuesday, July 01, 2008

almost a single mom

So I guess I know what it's like to be a single parent... well kinda.

Let's start with last night.... Ben and Bianca leave his parents at 5 pm... I pack up the girls and we head home too.... after we ate Fajitas...

The plan was to take the girls for a walk. They wanted to go to the park. The park is 1.5 miles away. After we get home I realize that the jogging stroller tire needs pumped up... not to mention fixed. The road to the park is gravel, our double combi stroller won't make the trip, so instead I ask the girls if they want to take a stroller ride around the neighborhood..... they both declined, instead we settled into for some playing kitchen. While we play kitchen with their stuff, I decide to run the dishwasher and clean our real kitchen- Bianca finally got around to filling it.

We played clean up since we had kitchenware all over the house, then we settled in for some tv time. We watched some scooby doo, then headed up for a bath. The girls loaded up a birthday bag with kitchen toys and off to play in the tub. We put in the magic lavender bubbles that are supposed to help babies fall asleep. I think it has the opposite effect on my children.

After the bath we got ready for bed - we brushed our teeth, I brushed theirs and they brushed mine, we read 'Snuggle Puppy' 5x, 'The Going to Bed Book' 5x, and 'Guess how much I love you' 2x.... then the girls read to me - 'That's not my Puppy and That's not my Lion'.... Tucked them into bed after kisses, hugs, fives and knuckles x10..... Then Peyton needed to POOP... so for the next 15 minutes she sat on the big girl toilet while Sydney and I hung out watching Rose and Marie's video over and over (maybe not 15 minutes worth, but we cracked up for awhile) Then Peyton wanted to know what baby was crying.. so she watched the video a couple times and laughed, she was relieved to know that Rose and Marie were laughing and not crying.

Finally they were in bed and it was time to relax - around 845 Ben and Bianca showed up and the babies were up saying goodnight a few more times....

They started off in their own beds

Big sistera are cool

Tuesday Morning started @ 5 am for me... Peyton woke up screaming that her light was off... I walked in and turned it back on, rubbed her back and kissed her and she laid back to sleep... I thought I got off easy... I climbed back into bed for another hour and then got up. I got ready, made some coffee just before Sydney woke up about 645, she watched a lil scooby while i made toast and woke Peyton and Bianca up... Bianca wasn't easy to wake... That is 4 times up the stairs pulling covers off her and threatening her.... Finally I get the girls dressed, fed, and totally ready and finally Bianca drags herself downstairs... We leave for daycare and arrive around 740. I get to work by 750.... HOORAY

Dwayne meets me at the gate and we drive around to carpool.... Our 'e analyst group' piles into the light rail and head for the Fox and Goose for a goodbye Amy breakfast. I had English Bangers, scrambled eggs, wheat walnut toast and country potatoes and about three cups of coffee...

We get back to work and I have my nose to the grindstone til 430...

Pick the kids up from daycare with daddy and by 5 pm Sydney, Peyton and I are climbing into the car... without help I must add... because heaven forbid if you try to help them get into the seats or buckled... you will hear it the entire 9 mile drive..... yes back on the road and headed for home.... We arrive after a long discussion over who should be talking, who should be listening and who's park we passed....

We all climb out without help again... I'm starving.... I start dinner while the girls dump out all the kitchen toys, all the puzzles and everything they can find.... The girls are chasing each other and causing a ruckus... Scooby Time... While I finish making dinner the girls watch some of the Mummy (scooby doo). Dinner consisted of. Red potatoes (made into baked french fries, white nectarine, plums, Roma tomatoes, and chicken salad sandwich.... and ketchup.... the girls dipped everything into the ketchup... even the plum....

After dinner I pulled the Tower out and the girls helped me make a cake. They picked the pink cake and pink frosting... Dad won't be happy about that.... but there is cake. Each girl practiced breaking an egg and then cleaning up the cake mix with their tongues.... fun times....

We watched the cake rise in between playing and picking up kitchen toys.... The girls ate goldfish crackers and played with the dog, we came inside to settle down. Peyton told me she wanted my milk. mama's milk... I told her sorry, she drank it all a few months back... she was disappointed, so we cuddled on the couch and played the kissing game....next thing I know it was time for a quick bath, goldfish and off to bed... I chased the girls all over the house trying to brush their teeth, no one was cooperating tonight. Potty time and then into their bedroom

We sat down to read 'Snuggle Puppy and Goodnight Moon' after reading them a couple times I called in quits. Peyton needed to poop, Sydney needed to poop... and I need a Margarita.... Ten minutes later the girls were back in bed. one minute later Peyton was telling me that Sydney took her diaper off, then her shirt... I went in and got her diaper back on. Now both babies are only wearing diapers.... it's 853 - Bianca and Ben are home.... the babies are talking, yelling and laughing.. and here I am... waiting for my 1040 soccer game.... Peyton keeps asking me questions. Mom, can bianca spend the night, is Patrick gonna spend the night. She won't stop talking....

What i really need is a Quad Shot Iced Vanilla Latte... that will keep me up for awhile.


  1. WHEW I am exhausted!

    Fun times in the Avila house!

  2. Holy crap girlfriend! You better have won that 10:40 game!

    I'm exhausted with what you have to go through each night; my patience is running thin these days....okay, so it's only been 1/2 a week.

    I had to laugh at the "do it myself" stage with the girls. I'm so there with you...the hearing it "9x" all the way home part...it kills me!