Friday, November 23, 2007

Bianca and Uncle Michael

Our two runners... Congratulations Bianca and Uncle Michael. Bianca took second place in her age group for the 10K.... Officially 1 hour 4 minutes 49.1 seconds. Way to GOOOOO girl.... You're AWESOME. We're proud of you. Love your leggins under the soccer shorts. STYLISH

And Uncle Michael got 151st place in his age group for the 10K - of course we know those other guys all trained and Uncle Michael got tricked into running.... we're proud of you too... It took Uncle Michael 1 hour 4 minutes, 49.9 seconds.....according to the chip!!!!!

Next year Bianca's gonna have to run on her own.... or find a running partner her own age. She's already talking about doing the 10K again...

all smiles


  1. Way to go Bianca!!

  2. ..and we never knew!!! How funny is that? Way to go, B! I bet that's motivation for next year huh? I think that is so neat!

  3. Yea, see.. this post was not here when I read the first one. No wonder why I was looking at you like you were crazy! LOL J/K!

    Wow way to go that is awesome stuff. She has great motivation.