Wednesday, August 22, 2007

pink crocs and a potty break

Tuesday Amy and I went to dinner and the CPK with Sydney and Peyton. We ordered the grilled vegtable salad and wild mushroom pizza, the babies had cheese pizza with a side of fresh tomatoes and olives. Dinner went well, the kids got restless as usual and then we headed to Nordstoms for some baby crocs. Peyton tried on some purple crocs while Sydney tried on some neon green. They traded crocs and then we changed the green to blue while the girl went to the back to look for hot pink. Amy and I chased the babies all over the shoe department and finally we were set with the HOT PINK CROCS....

Sydney balances on one foot while nursing and showing off her crocs
Peyton cuddles up while nursing and modeling her crocs
Peyton's all smiles as she uses the potty
CHEESE Sydney stole the book from the bathroom


  1. These pictures are too much for words! Precious they are all Precious !!!

  2. Thief! lol. Okay, love the crocs, but how do they stay on? At least with the same color you just have to be sure you have a left and a right, otherwise the kids might be wearing one of each color! I know Peyton...she's a shoe thief! Sydney's just a book thief! What hams!