Tuesday, July 31, 2007

new papos

Sydney and Peyton got some new papos this afternoon. It's so hard to decide. They have so many great shoes.... I really wanted to go to Roseville to Kids Shoebox.... or shoebox for kids.... but Ben wanted to go to Stride Rite and Nordstroms... Stride Rite only carries Stride Rite and Roobez... Nordstroms had the See Kai Run that I like.... but only two styles.. white and red... and I didn't like those.... I know.... Kids Shoebox had a ton.... but I think I may take a trip there soon.. and get some more shoes for the girls.... anyhow... I finally decided on some tennis shoes - Check them out....


  1. Way cute! You need to map that place out for me..the Roseville store. Donovan will be needing shoes for fall. Dominic, however, needs plain janes for school. LOL. Joy!

    Cute pappos!

  2. Pappos are cute - you always get really cute ones for them.

    The pics are classic, I love the little faces peyton makes when she is laughing.. too cute!

  3. Sarah Beth8:26 AM

    Cute shoes, they look very happy with them :)