Monday, December 10, 2007

Saturday Evening

Here are a few pictures before Sydney and Peyton's Christmas Party. (I'll update later)

Sydney, Papa, Peyton
Dominic, Donovan, Peyton
Sydney and Peyton
Bianca, Sydney, Donovan, Peyton
Bianca & Sydney
Bianca & Peyton
mama, Sydo, Peyton
check out the new papos the girls got
stealing ornaments from the tree

Dominic trying to put ornaments back on the tree


  1. VERY cute! I'm so sad I missed it. The "triplets" look fabulous. (My mom had issues with her camera that night - oh well!)

    Love the girls pic with Papa! Cute!

  2. mr. T2:22 PM

    The first picture is priceless. I was so beautiful to see everyone so happy.

  3. Sammi7:23 AM

    I can't get over how cute the girls are! And how big they're getting. It seems like only yesterday Ben was showing me baby pictures and now they're almost 2! Wow!!

  4. Sarah Beth11:20 AM

    The girls look so cute, and Bianca has a matching shirt too :) Love the new shoes. You find such cute shoes!!