Thursday, November 01, 2007

got costumes

Sydney is looking for goodies, Peyton doesn't want to have anything to do with the Lady head/face part of her costume. Donovan looks like he's ready for some tricker treatin, Dominic and Bianca pose for the camera.
We are trying for a group shot. Sydney is a two headed dog.
Time to hand out candy to the tricker treaters
Sydney is content playing with magnets on the fridge
Peyton joins the fun. Sydney had the most fun throwing the magnets from the fridge with one big swipe of the paw.


  1. shots aren't any better. I was up til 11:30 waiting for Rudy to get done paying bills online so I could blog...WAAAHHH! Needless to say..I couldn't wait any longer. I was whooped! I had fun last night, and I know the kids did too - cuz one of MINE was CRANKY this morning!

  2. OMG soooo cute!

    And all of my Halloween photos are of the back of someone's head.