Monday, August 27, 2007

Castro Valley Classic

it was a long weekend. we headed up to castro valley about 130 on Friday, took us about 2 hours to find the hotel. Sydney and Peyton slept almost the entire trip. They were well rested and ready to play. We spent the rest of the day playing around the hotel, eating dinner and hanging out with the Robinsons, everyone showered and bathed, I even got a lil me time....

we didn't sleep very well on Friday Night.... I was up at 1, 3, and 5.....but woke up for the day at 7 and ate breakfast and got ready for the games.....

The field were turf and so beautiful. picture perfect, wish i got a picture of that.... The Rage beat Castro Valley 6-0... and Bianca got a goal. She shot the ball and the goalie blocked it but she followed it and blasted it in for a goal... but she didn't do her Aztec move.. shooting the bow n arrow.. Great Grandma, Aunt Roxann, Ryan and Zach showed up for the first game and got to see Bianca get the goal. that was pretty exciting for them... ~lol~ the babies were being very cautious because they hadn't seen them in so long. By the end of the game they were slappin high fives. We all had lunch together and then headed back for game two.

Uncle Michael was there for game two. He sat with me and the girls. He kept the babies occupied feeding them cheerios and ice cubes. Midway through the game Angel and Martha came. We watched the game and played with the babies too. Sydney fell asleep on the boob and I put her in the stroller for a nap. Peyton enjoyed all the attention she could get. The Rage beat that team 6-0 too....

After the game Uncle Michael, Ben and Bianca played soccer while I hung out with the girls talking for awhile. Got some pictures of Uncle Michael and Bianca in the Cobra.... Angel invited us over for breakfast in the morning.

Back at da hotel... the kids ran wild, kids showering, swimming, playing... finally it was dinner time. we went to a buffet, not a good choice.... after wards I went to take a nap. Bianca, jade and Natalie watched the babies with Ben for a lil while... then ben watched sydney while the girls had peyton.. i got two hours uninterrupted sleep... Ben brought Peyton in about 930 to bed, and then Sydney sometime around 1030.... at 1 o clock.. people were still out and about.... i was up a few times with the babies... and we got up again about 700.

I showered and got ready, then got the babies ready. Ben and Bianca fought over the shower and then we packed up and headed to Angel and Felicia's for breakfast Breakfast was gourmet of course... we had cantaloupe, french toast, scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, bacon and sausage.... yummie.... we all ate great.... the babies had fun climbing stairs, wearing flip flops and playing with everyone.

Angel and Felicia met us at the game. Peyton and Sydney were busy eating yogurt and making a mess. I changed them 3 times during Sunday's first game. Sunday Game One... against the Kickin Chickens... The Rage won 5-2.... Bianca scored again.... and then time did the Aztec bow n arrow move.... Go Bianca.... she was on fire this tournament.... in the right place, great crosses, passes, runs.... she plays the middle very well. always running up and back, the girl seldom gets winded... She was fighting hard this tournament. During the first game, Angel, Felicia, me and the girls walked to the cars. On the way back I was carrying Syd and she had her yogurt in hand, when the yogurt dropped, I knew she was asleep... funny how she could fall asleep while I was carrying her.... Peyton was wide awake... Angel and Felice took turns carrying her and once we got back to the field, I put Sydney in the stroller and she was out for the count. Peyton kept trying to wake her up.....

We all hung out til about 345, then Angel and Felicia bid us farewell and goodluck. They were going to a concert. Sydney and Peyton gave them lots of love before they left, but I didn't have my camera out.

Championship Game... The Rage lost in the battle for first place. The other team was faster and beat our girls in the back. Natalie and Renee had some great stops, but they finally wore our girls out and made the shot. The Rage had some opportunities, but in the end they couldn't get through. I think they were tired from the weekend of games.....The game ended 1 -nil....

After the trophies were awarded, we packed up and headed to visit Great Grandma, Aunt Roxann, Uncle Rick, Ryan and Zach. The babies napped on they drive to Walnut Creek, and it took them awhile to warm up. We ate dinner with the family, the kids played in the backyard - basketball, soccer, with the dog Kelly and just running around.

The trip home was a NIGHTMARE.... Peyton started off crying, and then Sydney chimed in.... Bianca was hollering and whinning about the babies..... so the entire 2 hour trip - there was so much traffic - was nonestop crying, screaming, yelling.... and pure madness.. I don't wanna go on anymore trips...


  1. Sheesh! Does this mena the season is over or do you have another weekend of this?

  2. Way to go Rage! Way to go Bianca! What's the deal? gotta be out of town to show off and score goals??? What's up with that? You owe me one! Sounds like a packed weekend and a successful one...until the ride home...yuck!

  3. Sarah Beth5:30 AM

    How did you manage to watch the game with the babies going in 10 different directions.. Yikes.. Go Bianca. It sounds like they have a great team, they must have an awesome coach ;)