Thursday, July 05, 2007

4th of July

We woke up early on Wednesday and headed to breakfast at Cassidy's, we haven't been there in ages. We used to go almost every Sunday after church with Miranda, Nami and Ty, but we haven't been seeing a whole lot of them lately. The kids were great at breakfast. I ordered them scrambled eggs and french toast. They ate all of their eggs, plus mine and Bianca's, and only ate a few pieces of the french toast, Bianca ended up eating that for them. After breakfast we got flowers and went to the cemetery for a lil while and then off to Nana and Papa's for a BBQ and lots of swimming. Uncle Josh and Cousin Patrick were there, Tia Amy and Tyler didn't stay long. Nana and Papa even ventured out into the pool for a lil while. Daddy took Peyton on the slide..... the girls even went underwater. Bianca was busy making waves and wrestling with daddy in the pool. The girls all wore their old navy tanks....
eatin chips and salsa
Tia Amy and Peyton
Patrick with no mohawk
Jada and Peyton kiss
Uncle Josh and Patrick Pose
Babies in the water
bucket hats to keep the sun off our precious faces
Look at our new suits

Tickle Tickle
"Hey Spike - hands off"
Sisterly Love
"look at me mama"


  1. The new suits are adorable... Did you say BEN went in the pool? Did he actually take his socks off? lol Looks like you had a good time.. I kept looking for you at Carmen's. I would have loved to swim it was sooo hot!!

  2. You did great sunburns! And yes, we want to see pictures of Ben...did he REALLY go in the water??? Love the cute suits...hmm, I don't think Donovan would like those kind. Is Jada a beagle? I thought you had a "Jada"? She's cute! Love the wet nose kiss that Peyton got.