Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hangin out with Natalie

Natalie and JW smile for the camera - one smile
I got stickers
I don't wanna share
I don't wanna say goodbye
can i go with you guys?one last hug for the camera, you better shoot this one

On Friday JW brought in Natalie. I haven't seen Natalie in person since January of 2005... Yeah... she's grown up. Jen and I used to take Natalie and Kyle for walks together around her hood. We had a great visit and it didn't take long for Nat to warm up (ten minutes), by the end of the day she was giving us loads of hugs and posing for the camera. The next plan is getting the girls all together to swim. Oh yeah on a side note. Nat will be three in December and she's very articulate, and so very cute (Bianca wants to know why Sydney and Peyton aren't talkin in sentences yet.... ummm, they are a year and a half and speak pretty darn good). She also wears one shoe size bigger than Sydney and Peyton.... either the girl has some tiny feet.... or my girls are gonna be amazons ~giggles~ Did I mention she chews gum too.... I don't think i got to chew gum til I was grown because I wouldn't have been able to walk and chew gum at the same time.

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  1. Okay, what's "Matchpoint" on the computer in the back? Sounds like an online dating site to me! Hmmmm???? That's blackmail!

    So funny about Bianca. Just wait, those girls will be driving her batty with their vocal skills soon enough! Girls are so quick at their language abilities... Bianca was that way too!